Monday, November 29, 2010

I need prayers from everyone please.

I have been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and will be undergoing treatment for that.

Please, pray for my health and recovery, If anything in this world that matters for me now is only and only your prayers.

If you are a christian, a jew, a hindu, a muslim or you believe in Allah/God in any form or in any way of belief system please pray for me.

I need prayers and I need moral support.

Thank you very much.



  1. Be well, sir. I wish you all the best.

  2. Thank you.

    Its my faith that prayers will lessen my pain and suffering and will convert my illness to remedy and cure.

  3. Paul, Of course I'll pray for you. (I'm a Christian, not that that makes any difference.) I had been wondering what happened to you - I was talking to my wife about that yesterday. I am in the process of recovering from surgery myself (but not very serious). May God be with you.

  4. My brother,

    may the great spirit guide you out of this ordeal.

    Wish you get well soon.

  5. The best of luck to you and your family, trusting you will pull through.


  6. In his work, "Mere Christianity," C.S.Lewis pondered how Christians should deal with cancer. We are commanded not to kill, and cancer involves cells which are, in some ways, "hyper" living.
    So my prayer is from a promise revealed by Paul, (Philippians 3:21 NRSV) He will transform the body of our humiliation that it may be conformed to the body of his glory, by the power that also enables him to make all things subject to himself.
    God's blessings!

  7. Actually, I think medical treatment would work better.

  8. I have just prayed for you now. May you be encouraged and surrounded by loving and supporting people, receiving healing to your spirit, soul and body through the power of Jesus!

  9. Dear Dr.Saleem,
    Praying for your pain to be softened and the disease to be eradicated from your body. Praying for your soul to trust in the Creator and long for the Saviour. Many blessings in your ordeal, may the healing power of the Lord Jesus touch you and make you whole.

  10. Hi Dr. Saleem. I'd like to let you know that we prayed for you yesterday in our meeting, and since then you are also in my daily prayers. I really trust in God that this time of affliction wil be turned into a precious experience of victory and a life-changing knowledge of the One you are seeking to get help from.
    If you have a Bible in your posession, or you can get one, please read the passage in the gospel of Matthew, chapter 11 and verses 28 to 30. May those kind words of Lord Jesus soothe your soul.

  11. Im thankful to all of you for sparing your precious time and praying for me . I went to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital , Lahore and they have begun with a serial of laboratory & radiological investigations to look into the minute details of my disease after which they will begin with chemotherapy to treat me. Long way to go. Seeing life in a state of misery at a cancer hospital is a gloomy experience but Imran Khan has turned this misery into a soothing and cuddling one by the professional and devoted environment provided at SKMC Hospital . I will start a donations request section for SKMC Hospital on my blog to pay my tribute to them because they offer complete free treatment to many others like me without which they will simply die . Medical sciences can help treat, control & cure many ailments but along with that the healing power of prayers , love and concern can save millions of lives and it is my faith that one word of prayer will change the course & destiny of my ailment, so please keep praying for me, thanks.

  12. Mr Khan,

    good luck.

  13. As-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh- Dr. Khan. May Allaah give you what is best for you, and may he grant you ease and peace in facing whatever trials remain in dunya.

    I, too have gone through many medical problems and much pain, although not involving cancer. There have been times I have had very low morale. But my wife, who is not even a Muslima, but a Christian, comforted me saying, "It is in Allah's hands. Don't worry about what you can't control or can't forsee. Allah knows what is best for you." This is what people of faith need to really hold on to!

    I was grateful for this hikma which was from Allah, given to me through her, and it strengthened my imaan. I will make du'a for you and insha-allaah your suffering will be eased. Email me if you would like. I think we are both active on "" Linux forum, where I am known as "SilverBear."

    Taareq 'abdun-Noor

  14. Hello Dr. Saleem Khan,

    I just read your post on DistroWatch Weekly and felt compelled to send you this message.

    In 1948 an Italian oncologist, Dr. G.F. Valsé Pantellini, was surprised seeing that a friend of his, who had been diagnosed a stomach tumor with no more than six months life, was alive and well one year later.

    A quick enquiry by Dr. Pantellini showed that, BY MISTAKE, instead of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in some lemon juice (which he had suggested to keep down the pains a little), the man had been taking POTASSIUM BICARBONATE!

    Subsequent tests on other patients with similar tumors ascertained that the POTASSIUM ASCORBATE formed from the combination of Potassium Bicarbonate with the Ascorbic Acid in the lemon juice was the key agent that stopped the proliferation of cancer cells, thus allowing a gradual elimination of the existing ones (Dr. Pantellini's friend died twenty years later of a heart attack!).

    This fact has been controlled with greatest care in the following years by Dr. Pantellini, who published his discovery and his results (but mainstream medicine keeps ignoring them!).

    After his death in 1999, the Pantellini Foundation ( has further developed his activity and research: the simple and cheap cure with Potassium Ascorbate has been found to be effective IN ALL DEGENERATIVE DISEASES, successfully curing a huge number of patients in widely different conditions -- and especially fast-acting with the addition of Ribosium (see website).

    Unfortunately, at the moment their webpages are only in Italian, but surely they can offer phone support in English. If in difficulty, anyway, just drop me a line.

    I hope you'll find Potassium Bicarbonate with ease: if you have difficulty to find it in Pakistan, I'll gladly send you a pack, it costs very little here.

    You just have to dilute about 15 to 30 milligrams into some lemon juice (or directly with ascorbic acid=Vitamin C, if you prefer) until there's no more effervescence. Throw in some sugar or honey to sweeten it up a bit, drink it -- once or twice a day, depending on your conditions. Also try to be as happy as you can, that helps too, as hard as it can be.

    Sincere wishes of full recovery!

    E. Costa - Italy.

  15. Dear SilverBear ,

    wa'alaikum As-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh-

    Thanks for your kind words. Ineed its my faith that everything in this universe happens with allah`s raza and submitting to his will/wish and raza is the key to both worldly and in life after success.

    I just wish to be so lucky that all the creatures including human beings pray for me ,if I wish and desire anything from anyone ever it is just that his/her heart and soul speaks words of prayers for me.

    So please,request all your friends,colleagues,family members,neighbors and anyone in your circle to pray for me. I believe in prayers as much as I believe in ALLAH .

    Fe amani allah.

  16. Dear v.ameglio ,

    Thanks for your care & concern. I would like to discuss this with my treating oncologist.

    how can I contact you? my email address is given in my profile.


  17. Hello Dr. Saleem Khan,

    I have sent you an E-mail message for direct contact, you should already have received it. Please control, it may have been sent to the SPAM folder by an overzealous anti-spam service...

  18. Hi Dr. Khan. Just passing to say that I keep praying for you. Also noticed so many careful messages; it's good to see how people are supportive in such a delicate situation. Please read the Psalm 23, and may the words of the supreme Shepherd guard your soul in peace.

  19. ...doc..I am deeply praying for u...God bless u !

  20. Assalam o alaikum
    Hope you still remember me. I can't stop thinking of the time I met you in abottabad. I am sure you will fight out of it with the grace of Allah. Ameen.

  21. Assalam o alaikum Babur ,

    Ofcourse I remember you Babar Bhai, its because of you that I am here today having a blog . It was indeed a wonderful meeting we had at Abbottabad. I am doing fine, keep me in your prayers and please keep me updated what is going on in your own life.